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Memphis Red Sox vs Kansas City Monarchs Negro American League Game (1947)

This broadside was used to promote a game between the Memphis Red Sox and Kansas City Monarchs of the Negro American League. The game was played at Katy Park in Waco, Texas on Tuesday, April 15, 1947.

Memphis Red Sox

Memphis Red Sox

The Memphis Red Sox were owned by two brothers, Dr. J.B. Martin and Dr. B.B. Martin. The Memphis Red Sox were one of the foundational organizations of Negro League baseball. Over the years, the Memphis Red Sox played in the following Leagues:

                Independent                    1923

                Negro National League       1923-1925 and 1927-1930

                Negro Southern League     1926, 1932 and 1945

                    Negro American League     1937-1960

Memphis always field a competitive team and even won the Negro American League Championship in 1938. Outstanding players from this 1947 team included: Larry Brown (manager), Dan Bankhead, Bob Boyd, Cowan Hyde, Marlin Carter, Verdell Mathis, Paul Hardy, Pedro Formental and Willie Wells.

The Kansas City Monarchs were owned and operated by J.L.Wilkinson and Tom Baird. The Kansas City Monarchs were one of the mainstays in Negro League baseball over the years. They played in the following leagues during their tenure in black baseball:

                    Negro National League     1920-1930

                    Independent                  1931 and 1933-1936

                    Negro Southern League   1932

                    Negro American League   1937-1963

Oustanding players from the 1947 Kansas City Monarchs team included: Frank Duncan (manager), Willard "Homerun" Brown, Lefty Bryant, Joe Greene, Connie Johnson, Jim "Lefty" La Marque, Booker Mc Daniels, Satchel Paige, Chico Renfroe and Hilton Smith.



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